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Rucksack KiTa

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Sharing language education - multilingual and integrated into everyday life

Rucksack KiTa is a language and education programme for kindergarten children between four and six years of age with an international family history as well as for their parents/family and educational institution. The focus is on general and multilingual language education integrated into everyday life.

How Griffbereit also comes Rucksack KiTa from the Netherlands. In North Rhine-Westphalia, it has been successfully implemented, evaluated and continuously developed since 1999. In the meantime, the programme is running nationwide and in Austria. Enquiries from other European countries are also increasing.

Responsible for the programme are the National Coordination Centres (LaKos). They have been steering and accompanying the implementation since 2013.

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Rucksack KiTa is located at the interface between the formal learning place KiTa and the informal education and support offers. The programme takes place in the child day care centre or a family centre. This is also a basic condition for its implementation. Parents/families and the day care centre build an educational partnership from which both sides benefit in the long term.

The educational institution has the opportunity to open itself to migration and diversity.

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