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More parent-child interaction - for multilingualism

Griffbereit is a language and family education programme for parents/families with and without an international family history and their children from one to three years of age. The focus is on parent-child interaction to strengthen (multi-)language development.

The origin of this programme is in the Netherlands. The tried and tested Bij de Hand was adapted, supplemented and further developed for Germany in 1999 - starting from the IKEEP working group. (Intercultural Development in Elementary and Primary Education) of the then RAA[1] in NRW. The programme Griffbereit is now also being carried out successfully outside NRW. The National Coordination Centres (LaKos) have been steering and accompanying the implementation since 2013. The programme is also being successfully implemented in other European countries.

The programme is offered in day-care centres, family centres or family education centres as well as in the context of migrant organisations, integration courses, multi-generation houses[1]etc. In this way, families have the opportunity to get to know the places where their children live and learn at an early stage and to actively participate in shaping them.

Griffbereit can also serve as an entry-level offer into day care.

[1] Depending on the federal state


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