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Everyday integrated language education from the beginning

griffbereitMINI is a language education programme for families with children in their first year of life. A transition into a Griffbereit group is accompanied.
The experience of the staff of the family offices in Dortmund from the welcome visits on the occasion of the birth showed that the time span between the visits and the services for *families, such as Griffbereit, was too long, which meant that the services were not always accepted as desired. This meant that, among other things, valuable development time to support children and their *families was lost.
In order to be able to immediately offer *families a programme in the sense of continuous language education integrated into everyday life, the idea arose to develop a programme for parents with children in their first year of life. During the conceptualisation, it was also of great relevance that there was no programme for toddlers of this age in Germany that focused on language education in the context of appreciating multilingualism.

The programme is offered in day care centres, family centres, family education centres and other places such as pregnancy counselling centres or midwives' practices. In this way, *families have the opportunity to get to know the places where their children live and learn at an early stage and to actively participate in shaping them.

griffbereitMINI can also serve as an entry-level offer into day care.

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