Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Griffbereit and Rucksack KiTa: Programmes for diversity-aware and multilingual early education and cooperation with families.


With the programmes Griffbereit and Rucksack KiTa we advocate for a society in which early childhood education and educational partnership between (educational) institutions and families are naturally diversity-conscious, multilingual and open to the migration society.


With the above-mentioned vision and the objectives that go with it, we link with our programmes Griffbereit and Rucksack KiTa the approach of multilingual education with a concept of diversity-conscious family education and thus strengthen the educational partnership between families and (educational) institutions in the sense of partnerships of competence, from which both sides benefit in the long term. Furthermore, the programmes support the (educational) institutions in their diversity-oriented and migration-social opening.


Multilingual children develop in the same way as monolingual children

Excessive demand

Multilingualism is an opportunity, not an excessive demand


Language and identity are closely linked

Language blends

Language blends are part of natural communication and identity in multilingual families


The attitude towards speakers of one language determines how successful the acquisition of another language is.


Language acquisition is individual and depends on various factors


Multilingualism is the norm, monolingualism the exception


How can I support language acquisition?